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Wild Oaks to open soon in Perham

If your taste buds are craving something fresh and different, they’re in for a treat – Wild Oaks Grille is expected to open next week at the Perham Lakeside Golf Course.

Blake Minge, manager of Wild Oaks, said offerings on the restaurant’s menu will be generally healthy while keeping with the “sports bistro” atmosphere.

“It’s not all deep-fried finger foods,” he said.

For the most part, items on the menu will work for lunch or dinner, such as flatbreads and sandwiches. However, Minge said there will be three to five dinner-specific offerings, including steak.

“We’re going to use as much local produce as we can,” said Minge. “We’re working with a couple of local growers here, and I think we’ve got some pretty good options.”

Special seasonal menus will be rotated through with the main menu. Featured favorites may eventually be promoted to the main menu.

Wild Oaks will have a sports-based atmosphere, Minge said. Games and sporting events will play on the restaurant’s brand-new high-definition TVs, and local sports photos will be on the walls.

But, even more than sports, Minge wants to highlight the community itself.

“The big thing is bringing the community feel back,” said Minge. “I always thought it was cool when everybody you knew had a picture on the wall.”

Perham High School coaches Jeff Morris (cross country) and Dave Cresap (basketball), for example, will get part of the Wild Oaks’ spotlight.

“We definitely want to focus on them… and praise them a little bit,” said Minge. “They’re the ones leading the youth now, and they’ve done a phenomenal job with that.”

Some part-time openings are still available for dishwashers and kitchen staff, said Minge.

At press time, the restaurant was expected to open sometime next week, but reservations were already being taken for parties and other events. Call 346-6070 for more information.