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Floating to a world record: Kinship hopes to raise funds with Flotilla

This Saturday, July 6, Kinship of the Perham Area will take a second stab at setting a world record with its second annual Flotilla on Little Pine Lake. 

For those who may not know, a flotilla is a group of boats, ships, or, in this case, people on personal flotation devices.

The goal behind this event is to achieve a Guinness World Record for the most populous human flotilla. A whopping 365 people joined the flotilla last year, but that was still far short of the current record of 885.

Jill Shipman, head of the Perham Kinship program, believes that additional marketing this year will bolster the turnout. In fact, Shipman thinks the record will be broken this year.

Last year, the event raised more than $6,000, which went straight to the local Kinship program.

The Otto Bremer Foundation will match any funds raised at the flotilla, up to $10,000. Shipman hopes to raise the full $10,000.

The idea for this unique event came straight from Shipman, who said she loves to float and thought it would be fun to get a whole bunch of people floating together.  As it turned out, there was a Guinness World Record for this sort of thing, and it became her goal to make the new record.

Alongside with the flotilla, a group costume contest will be held. Last year, a group dressed as ballerinas won the contest. Shipman has received word that a very large group of people plans to go all out in an effort to win this year’s contest. The winner of the group costume contest will receive a gift certificate from Zorbaz.

“It’s a great family event, a great time, and a great way to support the children in our community,” summed up Shipman of the flotilla.

The Perham Kinship program oversees the adult mentorships of 50 children and works with more than 200 kids in the area through various programs.

To join the flotilla, pre-register at Zorbaz on Little Pine Lake the night before the event. There is a $10 admission fee to join the event, with all proceeds going to Kinship. For children ages five and under, admission is free.

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