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Artist Goodson to hold Ottertail workshop

Artist Keith Goodson works on a painting at last year's Gathering event in Ottertail. He will hold an artist's workshop for the public from 1:30 - 3:30 p.m. on Thursday, August 6.

As a part of The Gathering 2009, hosted by Firestarters Ministries July 31 through August 9, artist Keith Goodson will hold a painter's workshop.

The workshop will run from 1:30 - 3:30 p.m. on Thursday, August 6. The public is invited to attend the free workshop, to be held at the yellow and white tent located just behind All Seasons, off of Highway 108 in Ottertail.

Artist Keith Goodson will share from his knowledge and revelation of what art is. The artist/painter's workshop will be a time of refreshing and learning as eyes are opened to see the possibilities of what art can do.

Goodson will also be painting throughout The Gathering event, during some of the 7 p.m. evening worship sessions at the tent.

Keith Goodson was born in Cocoa Beach, Florida in 1971. Since the age of six, when Keith won a prize for a drawing of an elephant, there was never any doubt that he would pursue an art career.

He studied at the South Florida Community College for two years and then went to work for a major motion picture production company where he designed and painted murals for plays and movie sets.

In 1993, Keith painted his first mural for the Lake Placid Mural Society called "Bassin," and won first place in the National Air Brush Action Magazine competition for billboards and murals. He was immediately commissioned by the Lake Placid Mural Society to continue working with the city of Lake Placid to help revive the city's look and economic status.

In 1997, Keith formed Keith Goodson Studios, a company that would continue working in murals, frescos, fine art projects, and illustrations. From 2001 to 2003, Keith started contracting work with Universal Studios, Florida, in which he specialized in painting murals, set work, and any artistic consulting. In 2003, Keith signed on with an agent to further promote his fine art in the art community. With world renowned artist Ken Keeley as his agent, Keith had his first big showing in New York, Art Expo, in February of 2004.

Presently Keith and his family live in Sebring, Florida. In 2004, he and his wife founded Goldenbrush International Ministries where they travel around the United States, Europe and many countries establishing, imparting and pouring out the anointing of the arts to the Body of Christ. They are actively involved in painting live for churches, schools, and other venues.

Keith's style and versatility can be seen in his works from surrealistic collages to photo-realistic images that make you look twice. No matter what the image is, it's sure to make a statement.