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Krauka Viking band to perform in New York Mills

An unusual group from Denmark will be performing on Viking Age instruments for a special concert at the Regional Cultural Center Oct. 4.1 / 2
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The Danish quartet "Krauka" will perform at the NY Mills Regional Cultural Center on Sunday, Oct. 4 at 7:30 p.m. The group plays ancient tunes of the Vikings as well as contemporary compositions in the same tradition. Admission to the concert is $12 (advance sale) or $15 (day of concert). Tickets are available from the Cultural Ceter at 218-385-3339.

Once again Krauka comes rushing through the time-machine with its 4th CD "Odinn." It is brimming over with legends and myths about elves, dwarfs, tricksters and gods. It is easy to hear that it isn't the first time Krauka is in the field and this time with one more musician playing a bass, which colours the music with a rough sound.

For those who know Krauka, Odinn is a straightforward continuation of the previous CDs Vikinga Seidur, Stiklur and Bylur - for those who aren't acquainted with these modern Vikings it is about time to listen to their imaginative compositions and lively music on re-created instrument from the Viking-Age and modern instruments. Join them on their travel to the world of fairytales - a world in some ways similar to the world we are living in today.

Krauka was formed in 1999 around the idea of combining storytelling and music from the Viking Age. The band takes you on a journey back in time to an era when life was all about battles, pillaging and drinking. Krauka's music is played on instruments reconstructed after archaeological findings, but modern elements interwine, creating an intense and often wild atmosphere inspired by the sagas and the Nordic forces of nature.

From the beginning Krauka was a band inspired by the Viking-age instruments and sagas, playing acoustically for about 100 persons. Later they have taken part in big festivals, for instance: in 2000 at a festival in Greenland, celebrating the 1000th year of Leif the Lucky's finding Vinland; and in 2001 at a Viking festival on the Faroe Islands. The same year they had their first school concert tour in Denmark and played in different Viking festivals in DK. In 2002 they played at a festival at Fjorukrain, outside Reykjavik in Iceland and at different locations in Iceland. This year they have also made two school-concert tours.

The musicians in Krauka are: Gudjon Rudolf: vocals, jew's harp and percussion; Jens Villy Pedersen: flutes, lyre, rebec and vocals; Aksel Striim: bowed lyre, shawm, flute and vocals.