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Oprah's karaoke search comes to Fargo

Oprah Winfrey wants to hear Fargo-Moorhead's best karaoke singers and will be sending her representatives here Friday to find them.

Jill Carlson, who owns the karaoke bar Divas & Rockstars, says that Oprah's people will be at her West Fargo club Friday evening to hear some of the area's karaoke singers show their stuff.

The event will be part of Oprah's Karaoke Challenge, a search the talk show host is conducting to find "the best karaoke singers in America." Aside from visiting various cities and clubs around the nation, Oprah's organization is also accepting submissions of karaoke videos on her Web site,

For those who'd rather sing in front a crowd, Carlson suggests the singers get to Divas & Rockstars early this Friday, as there will be limited spots for singers to impress.

"They'll probably be shooting around 8:30 (p.m.), they will only be there for a couple hours," Carlson says.

She also says there could be a talent scout in attendance and that some of the "best" singers who frequent the club have already committed to performing.

"I can't guarantee everyone's going to be able to sing," Carlson says. "We already have a list of some singers, we'll do our best to get some more."

And she's urging people to dress up. Oprah's representatives wanted Friday night to have a theme, and "disco fever" was the choice.