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Cultural center director thanks NY Mills C&C for continued support

New York Mills Regional Cultural Center Executive Director Jamie Robertson praised the efforts of local businesses, individuals and groups during last week's Civic & Commerce Association annual meeting in helping support community events.

Along with running the cultural center, Robertson is also the tourism director in NY Mills. He delivered his report to the C&C membership. At times, Robertson said it was a tough year for the center, but the continued community support is a positive looking ahead to 2010.

Robertson referred to novelist Charles Dickens in describing last year, calling it the best of times and the worst of times.

"Although last year wasn't good economically, it was a good year in terms of how people worked together," he said. "Individuals, businesses, and institutions helped the cultural center, and therefore the whole community of New York Mills."

Robertson commented, in terms of the cultural center, he hopes to come out of the year stronger and looks forward to the new year in a much better way than he anticipated last year.

"Things seem to be turning around," he said. "In particular I would really like to thank the Civic & Commerce committee. They have been very supportive of the activities of the cultural center."

One of the things the cultural center is doing with the C&C group is maintaining the website. Last year, the cultural center made a video at the trade show and interviewed people about the cultural center. Robertson plans to make a similar video about the city of New York Mills at this year's trade show.

He will conduct interviews, edit the video and produce a 15-minute movie in an effort to make the story of New York Mills accessible to everybody.

The video will be posted to the city website following the trade show, scheduled for April 17.

Robertson thanked the C&C members in attendance at the annual meeting.

"The C&C has been a huge supporter of the cultural center and worked very much with us to help make the celebrations in the city good for everyone," Robertson said.