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Club180 looking for new location

Club180 is still looking for a place to call home in Perham.

Alanna Burns, director of the teen outreach center, says they are looking for a new site for Club180, and are open to any suggestions community members may have.

"We need a bigger space," she said to a group of business people gathered at the March 9 Perham Chamber "Power Hour" meeting. Burns asked for people's help and prayers to find a new site that's right for the city's only teen center.

The former storefront location where Club180 was housed has now been rented out to a business. Burns expressed her gratitude for the opportunity to use the Arvig space, from 2007 until the recent past.

"We have a passion for kids...we love teenagers," said Burns, who along with her husband has taken on the ministry of Club180. She told how she's seen firsthand how having a place like Club180, staffed with caring volunteers, can make a huge difference in a kid's life.

Club180 was also special in that it was funded by not just one, but a whole assortment of local churches. Churches of various denominations all came together to contribute to the center on a monthly basis.