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Try telling a story in six words

Ernest Hemingway was once challenged to write a complete story in six words. Here is what he wrote:

"For sale: baby shoes, never used."

Some people say it was written to settle a bar bet. Others say it was a personal challenge directed at other famous authors. But it proves that it is possible to create a short story with just six words. Choose the right words, and leave the rest to the imagination of the reader. That is excellent writing. 

The Lake Region Arts Council in Fergus Falls and The Arts Partnership in Fargo, are challenging talented area writers to try their hand at writing a short story in six words. The 6 Word Short Story Challenge is open to all adults age 18 or older, residing in North Dakota and Minnesota. 

This year they are offering something extra for the winning entries. Prairie Public TV will do a special segment featuring the winning authors reading their six word short stories. In addition, winning entries will be published in the LRAC's ArtsNews Letter and TAP's ArtsPulse. All entries will be posted on the LRAC and TAP websites.

All six word short stories must be submitted on official entry forms which are available by e-mailing:

The deadline for entries is March 31.

Here are some six word short story examples to get you started:

-The audience applauded, as he wept.    

-She loved again. I never did. 

-It wasn't her fault. Not entirely.

-That's how winter came that year.