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Perham Post Prom party a resounding success

A cash machine was one of the many unique features at the 2010 Post Prom event in Perham.1 / 3
Community volunteers went all out this year in decorating for Post Prom.2 / 3
Volunteers assist students at the registration table.3 / 3

Perham Prom and Post Prom were a huge success this year. Post Prom followed the Grand March at Prairie Wind Middle School on Saturday, May 1.

Just over 200 kids attended this year's Post Prom, with 151 staying until the very end of the event, which concluded at 3 a.m.

"I am so happy that I was involved in this event," says Post Prom volunteer Pam Hoekstra. "We are fortunate that we can provide a fun, safe environment for our kids that is supported by our community."

Hoekstra and Barb Lockhart chaired this year's planning committee. Other planning categories and leaders include: Food- Connie Mort; Prizes- Karmen Bruhn; Games- Julie Vomacka; Treasurer- Mary Karkela; Decorations- Sue Eickschen; Publicity- Francine Guck; Mulligan's Dinner- Karmen Bruhn.

This year's prom plans varied a bit from previous years, with a new pre-prom dinner held at Mulligan's.

Teacher Kelly Collette, who had the opportunity to help out with the prom, shared how impressed she was with the quality of the Perham event.

"From the decorating to the food to the games and prizes...everyone did a fantastic job," said Collette.

"I'm from a town roughly 10 times the size of Perham, and the prom I remember from high school couldn't hold a candle to the experience our students got here."

Collette also commented on the impressive behavior of the students. She noted the patience and gratitude they displayed, adding how "Garrison Keillor's Lake Wobegon kids have nothing on Perham's."