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Author comes back to Perham for 50-year class reunion

Author Arvid Lloyd Williams has always enjoyed the more naturalistic side of Minnesota. When he was in high school, his hobbies included skipping school to run out to the woods and lakes for hunting and fishing--not writing. In fact, during his 50-year high school class reunion, many of his former classmates were surprised to hear that he was now an author.

In fact, it had been 50 years since he had seen most of his classmates. As soon as he graduated high school, he joined the Marine Corps, where he spent the next four years. Since then, he has been involved in a multitude of things, such as muzzleloading, learning about Minnesota's history, working as a custodian, and writing.

Williams has written four books, which are all available at The Bookmark in Perham. The first three books are a part of a series entitled "Hawk Historical Fiction Series." The third book in this series, "Hawks's Quest: A Superior Pursuit," won the 2008 Midwest Book Award from the Midwest Independent Publishers Association. This was the first novel Williams had submitted for an award. The fourth book he wrote is titled "Up the Green River Without a Paddle."

William's Perham roots have influenced some of his writing.

"In the second and third book [of the series] I took a lot of names from the people I knew in Perham during the 50's and 60's. I didn't take anything else, but I did use names, such as Ed Schmidt and Aldrich," says Williams.

He is planning on starting another book in his series this winter. Williams also plans on coming to Perham with his brother more often to see some more of the area he grew up in.