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'Border Patrol' to play at EOT Fair

Border Patrol plays at one of their many gigs.

Many teenagers want to be in a band, but not every teenager accomplishes this goal. Fewer teenagers actually get to perform for crowds of people. But Border Patrol gets to perform at the East Otter Tail Fair both Friday, June 23, and Saturday, June 24, something they are very proud of.

"It'll be our first big thing in Perham, and we are really excited for it," claims Hannah Lorentz.

Border Patrol has five members: Joe Lorentz, 13; Hannah Lorentz, 16; Luke Lorentz, 17; David Stoll, 17; and Sam Babler, 18. While the band originally started in August with just the Lorentz siblings, they decided they wanted Stoll in September, and in March they added Babler.

Each member has had an interest of music since they were younger, and consequently all began to learn to play at a younger age. Luke Lorentz started playing his guitar at the age of 12, and eventually started to teach his younger brother, Joe, guitar and bass. Eventually, Hannah Lorentz wanted to join in, and the brothers told her if she wanted to play she had to get herself an instrument. Hannah Lorentz bought a drum set on eBay, and the siblings started to practice with each other.

David Stoll started to play guitar when he was 13, when he took a guitar class with Kevin Kosiak in the eighth grade, along with Sam Babler and Luke Lorentz.

Sam Babler, the oldest member of the group, got into drums when he was younger because of his older brother. "I used to watch my brother beat on his steering wheel to the music while driving, and that always interested me," claims Babler. He also plays guitar, and even sings.

The band has played for many crowds, such as the Ada Fair, Mud Run memorial in Richville, Hoot-N-Holler in Ottertail, and will soon be playing at Amor Rumors.

Normally, the band sticks to classic rock, some newer rock, and newer country. "We like to do crowd-pleasers," claims Hannah, adding on "We like to have fun."

Check out Border Patrol at the East Otter Tail Fair at 9 p.m. both Friday, July 23 and Saturday, July 24. For any information in booking Border Patrol to play for any entertainment purposes, call Hannah at 218-457-0294.