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Craziness to reign in downtown Perham Friday and Saturday

Perham's "Keystone Cops" will once again try to control the craziness at this year's "Crazy Days" sidewalk sales event in the city's downtown on August 6 and 7. Organizers promise a few other "surprises."

The entire two day event is all about "being crazy", but let's hope the weather isn't crazy when Perham merchants host the city's annual "Crazy Days" sidewalk sales event.

Area residents believe the weather so far this summer has been crazy and that craziness will continue with special deals and promotions during Crazy Days Friday and Saturday, August 6-7.

Returning for the second year will be the crazy "Keystone Cops" who will try to keep order to the two-day craziness. The comedy group is comprised of members of the Perham Police Reserve.

Also returning will be the old Perham jail cell that will be provided by the Perham Pioneer Village.

Event co-chair Dale Wright said locals will be placed in jail as part of the event and in some cases "some people might take it as an honor."

The idea behind Crazy Days is for the merchants and public to have some fun, take advantage of "crazy deals" and enjoy some hometown entertainment, which, according to Wright, will also have a live band performing for both days.

Part of this year's fun, according to Wright, will include a limbo contest that will be held both days.

"We'll have champions from each day and they can win some nice prizes besides a trophy that will include a free dinner at a local restaurant and a limbo champion T-shirt," said Wright.

Wright also said, the event, operated by the Perham Events Committee will also include "many other surprises."