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New York Mills Public Library continues to sponsor events throughout October

The New York Mills Public Library extends its thanks to the residents of New York Mills and those who continue to support their entertaining, educational and historical events so far this month.

Library Director Julie Adams said, "We've gotten exceptional feedback about our recent Dead Sea Scrolls bus trip, the 'Golden Age of Radio' show, and the 'Virginia Mae Hope' History Player (Tami Moehring) who visited the New York Mills Regional Cultural Center."

"It's exciting to be able to offer these programs to our community with the help of the Viking Library System and Legacy Funds," she said.

More programs are continuing throughout the month that the NY Mills Public Library invites interested parties to.

The Accidental Hero

On Saturday, October 23, "The Accidental Hero", also known as "The Mushroom Picker," will be performed at the NY Mills Regional Cultural Center at 7 p.m. The one-man play presents "a very moving story about a real WWII hero".

Daniel Freeman of the Smithsonian Institute lauds the play as "Impossible to forget. Remarkable."

"It is easy to imagine 'The Mushroom Picker' as being tailored primarily to audiences of veterans, WWII buffs, and Czech Americans, but it has an appeal that extends far beyond those interest groups. At the most basic level, anyone intrigued by family history will find it fascinating."

According to the play's official website, Patrick Dewane tells the story of his grandfather, Matt Konop, a man whose seemingly-goofy CB handle during the 1970s - "The Mushroom Picker" - was really a clue to his incredible story as a WWII Czech-American soldier fighting in the forests of his family's ancient homeland.

Whenever young Patrick would beg for stories about the war, his grandfather would change the subject or make a joke but never talk about it, typical of the generation who remained silent.

Years after his grandfather's death, Dewane was handed a pile of type-written pages that a family member had discovered in a box in a basement.

In "The Mushroom Picker," Dewane chronicles an astonishing journey about the reality of war, the mystery of heroes, and a side of his grandfather, history, and even himself that he never knew.

Eliska Zigova, Consul General of the Czech Republic, said the play is "an extraordinary and touching show. What is amazing is this interesting story about Matt Konop is performed by his own grandson. To have seen it done in Bohemian National Hall in New York City on Czech Independence Day was a thrilling experience."

Minnesota's Greatest

Generation Exhibit

Fifty-five people will take a bus to the Minnesota History Center for a free, guided tour of the Minnesota's Greatest Generation Exhibit on Saturday, October 30.

The trip is currently full, but interested parties may still sign up on a waiting list at the NY Mills Public Library.

For more information, or to place yourself on the waiting list, please call 218-385-2436.

CLIMB Theatre to educate through entertainment

Monday, October 25 will bring two presentations from the CLIMB Theatre at the NY Mills School Auditorium.

"The Bystander," which focuses on anti-bullying, will be presented to students in grades 4-6 at 2:10 p.m.

According to CLIMB, there are three types of students in bullying situations: the perpetrator, the victim, and the bystanders (students who watch and do nothing).

CLIMB cites a study in which 57 percent of bystanders who intervene in a bullying situation resolve it within 10 seconds.

The two plays being shown "inspire bystanders" aim to stop bullying and harassment.

At 6 p.m., "Rude Rudy Roo" will be presented to families with young children (preschool and up), who "will enjoy this beneficial and entertaining play about showing respect to others."

CLIMB describes the show as Rudy Roo being "a very rude and disrespectful kangaroo, but his friend Teo Tiger doesn't seem to notice. It takes the perspectives of the new kid, Kenesha Koala, and the students in the audience, for Teo to see that it is not okay for Rudy to gossip, say mean things, exclude others, or damage their things.

When Teo learns to respectfully refuse to accept Rudy's disrespectful ways, Rudy learns to do things differently and very much likes the results."


CLIMB theatre, located in a suburb of Minneapolis and St. Paul, is a nationally recognized non-profit company that has provided programming to K-12 schools for 35 years.

CLIMB's theatre artists write, produce and present plays and drama classes on topics like bullying, self-control, respect, friendship, acceptance of differences, methamphetamine-use prevention, and the environment.

CLIMB's work is not only entertaining, but it is educational. Independent research done on their programs show that young people learn, and may change their thinking and even their behavior, because of their shows.

In the last year, CLIMB reached nearly 300,000 students and their teachers in 1,250 schools, primarily in nine states around Minnesota.

Their mission is "to create and perform plays, classes, and other creative works that inspire and propel young people toward actions that benefit themselves, each other, and the community."


The events are made possible by a partnership between Minnesota Regional Public Libraries and the Minnesota Historical Society. Funding provided by the Arts and Cultural Heritage Fund through the vote of Minnesotans on November 4, 2008.

Further information

Interested parties or questions on the performances can be directed to the NY Mills Public Library at 218-385-2436.