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R.O.L.A. Days is no more

FOCUS File R.O.L.A. Days, which would have been held next weekend, has been cancelled, according to former organizer Kevin Dreyer.

R.O.L.A. Days, the annual gathering in New York Mills that celebrates snowmobiles in summer, will not be held this year.

According to former organizer Kevin Dreyer, the event, which would have been held next weekend, just became too much work for the four-person team of organizers.

"It got to be a lot of work putting it on, and we decided to let it go," Dreyer said.

R.O.L.A. stands for Regional One Lunger Association.

The event, which in the past took place over two days, involved vintage snowmobile, ATV and bike grass drags and swamp meets. Swappers and racers would travel to camp in New York Mills.

The uncertainty surrounding the New York Mills airport land, where R.O.L.A. Days were held in the past, also affected the planning of the event, Dreyer said. The city is looking at selling the land.

"We probably could have had it this year, but we didn't really know about the future," Dreyer said. "It got to be too much work."

For snowmobile enthusiasts, Dreyer said that organizers in Willow River, Minn., have picked up the event and will have it this year. Willow River is located in eastern Minnesota, near Duluth.

"They have some fresh bodies and fresh ideas. They're eager to put it on," he said.