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NY Mills Regional Cultural Center announces fall concert lineup

Submitted photo The Galactic Cowboy Orchestra, performing at the New York Mills Regional Cultural Center on Saturday, Oct. 1, is one of the eight performances scheduled throughout fall.

With an eclectic lineup of music and theater performances including bluegrass, rock, folk and jazz, the New York Mills Regional Cultural Center fall concert series gets underway on Saturday, Sept. 17.

Performances are held in the cultural center's downstairs gallery on Main Street at 7:30 p.m. in NY Mills. Audience members always have the opportunity to meet each of the artists during intermission and to enjoy the current gallery show as well.

The Saturday, Sept. 17 opening concert features a musical journey through time with ancient and contemporary instruments featuring Lauren Pelon and Gary Holthaus.

This performance links music through time with poetry and features Pelon's soprano voice. Pelon has performed throughout the United States and in China, Canada, England, Ireland, Scotland, Russia, Kazakhstan, Australia and New Zealand. She is noted for her versatile use of a diverse array of instruments, and for her compositions and arrangements of music from many countries and cultures.

Saturday, Oct. 1 brings a more eclectic performance to NY Mills. It could be described as country, rock, sing, jazz or maybe even bug-eyed bluegrass from Zeta Reticuli. Whatever it sounds like to earthlings, there is no mistaking the virtuoso strains or the star trekking fun of The Galactic Cowboy Orchestra.

The orchestra fuses an eclectic mix of original and traditional bluegrass-edged tunes with jazz and world/fusion elements. The mix ranges from highly accessible bluegrass tunes to extreme arrangements of East Indian ragas.

Lehto and Wright, performing on Saturday, Oct. 15, have a sound that is a unique blend of traditional and modern styles. By taking cues from the Irish, English and American folk traditions and interpreting them with contemporary guitar-based arrangements, Lehto and Wright take a fresh approach to the world of folk and folk rock.

These opening concerts are followed by performances by the Mixed Blood Theatre of Minneapolis with a Native American-themed drama called According to Coyote set for Friday, Oct. 28; Red House Records singer/songwriter Meg Hutchinson on Friday, Nov. 11; Dick Kimmel and Co. five-piece bluegrass band on Saturday, Nov. 19; and John Gorka, a Minnesota-based singer with a holiday concert on Saturday, Dec. 10.

This grouping of concerts for the fall season concludes on the winter solstice, Dec. 21, with regional musicians in a celebration of the winter season. The final concert of the fall season is free to everyone, a gift back to the community by the many musical artists in the region.

Tickets to the each of the eight concerts this fall are available at the cultural center ticket office. Hours are Tuesday through Friday from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. and Saturday from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. Concert tickets are $12 advance sale and $15 at the door. Purchase tickets to four or more concerts for $10 each. Student tickets cost $5 any time.

Detailed information about each concert is available at, or call 218-385-3339.