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WDAY newscasts go high-def

Michael Vosburg / Forum Photo Editor WDAY 5 p.m. anchor TJ Nelson is seen in both the old 4:3 TV shape and the new 16:9 on the side of one of the station's new 720p high-definition studio cameras. The station is the first in the area to go to an HD broadcast.

WDAY TV began airing its newscasts in high definition on Feb. 20, making it the first and only station in the area offering high-definition newscasts.

Jeff Nelson, WDAY's news director, said the move complements other recent technological improvements made at WDAY - which is owned by Forum Communications Co., The Forum's parent company.

Q: How will the change affect what people see on their TVs? Will it matter to people who do not have HD TV sets?

A: If you are watching on a high-definition TV and receiving a HD signal, the viewer will see a much sharper image and cleaner picture. If you watch on an older standard-definition TV, you will still see a clearer picture, just not the same quality as HD.

How does this change fit in with the other recent improvements made at WDAY?

By purchasing the HD studio cameras, this is one of the last steps in the upgrade. It allows us to take advantage of recent upgrades that WDAY put in place earlier with the installation of a new weather system, new video switcher and new audio board.

Any other changes coming soon?

We are always looking to improve our product for the viewers.

Did the changes require significant financial investment?

Yes, WDAY and Forum Communications Co. have made a major investment into these projects so that the viewers know we are committed to giving them the best possible product currently available.

If people have questions about getting the new high-definition signal, where can they go for answers?

We have also posted a tutorial on our website - - for people to get more information on WDAY's HD signal.