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Makeovers for Christmas; Perham postal workers get treated to great new looks

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If there's anyone who could use a relaxing, refreshing makeover around the holidays, it's a postal worker.

No matter what that worker's role is - tromping through snow to make those extra deliveries or working feverishly in the office to ship off all those extra packages - one thing's certain: it's a busy time. This is a hectic season for everyone at the post office, and it's easy to get worn out in all that hustle and bustle.

That's why postal workers seemed the perfect fit for free makeovers.

Wanting to do something special for the community at the holidays, the stylists at SaStone Salon and Spa came up with the idea to offer free makeovers to three lucky ladies at the Perham Post Office.

All but one of the eight total female workers put their names in the running to get one.

Sitting in the salon chairs on Sunday evening, the three winners happily munched on snacks and sipped wine while they got their hair cut and dyed and their nails and eyebrows done. They were also treated to a makeup application and paraffin wax hand softening treatments.

None of them had ever had a makeover before.

"It's so relaxing," said Rhonda Bernu, who has been a clerk at the post office for more than seven years. "It's fun - and a little mysterious."

The women were allowed to consult with the stylists about their new looks, but also had to be willing to make drastic changes. None of them were quite sure exactly what they would look like when they walked out of the salon that night.

"It's exciting," said city letter carrier Heather Cassidy, her hair in foils while her eyebrows were being treated. "This is good for people who don't have a lot of guts, because it forces you to try something different."

"You have to be bold and let someone else do the work," said stylist AJ Klemm.

Stylists decide the best new look for a woman by looking at things like face shape and skin tone. And they consult with their subjects so the women can maintain their new looks on their own.

Bernu, Cassidy and the third winner, clerk Sharon Dahring, seemed pretty fearless on Sunday as the stylists cut off inches of hair, waxed eyebrows and had their way with color and highlights.

In some cases, the women thought their families were more nervous about it than they were. When Dahring said her husband was at home, waiting to see what she looked like, Bernu mentioned her family, as well, and the two women laughed and agreed, "I think they're afraid!"

SaStone has been offering one free makeover a month to someone in the community for the last four years, plus other makeovers at special events.

This time, "we decided to do the postal workers because they work so hard for everyone else," said Brenda Doll, owner of the salon. "We wanted to pamper them in return."

By all accounts, they did feel pampered. While getting her freshly cut and dyed hair washed, Bernu even said she felt like royalty.

"It's like you're a princess," she said. "Now we know how they live."