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Turnberg, cousins win $20,000 on 'Family Feud'

Fargo resident and former Forum columnist Michelle Turnberg, fourth from left, appeared on an episode of "Family Feud" on Tuesday, hosted by Steve Harvey. Also pictured are, from left to right, cousins Jillian Anderson Jen Myers, Nicholle Parrish and Jess Dreischmeier. Special to The Forum Read the article: Turnberg, cousins win $20,000 on 'Family Feud'

ATLANTA - Survey says ... bring on more Turnbergs on "Family Feud."

Michelle Turnberg of Fargo and four of her cousins lived to feud another day after winning an episode of the game show that aired Tuesday.

The women won $20,000 and advanced to play again in an episode to air at 4 p.m. Wednesday on KVRR. Both episodes were filmed on the same day last July in the show's Atlanta studio.

Turnberg, a former local TV anchor as well as a former Forum columnist, led off Tuesday's episode by winning a face-off question against a member of the competing family. She also closed out the episode in the final five-question "Fast Money" prize round with her cousin Jen Myers.

"At the end, everybody wanted Jen and me to do it," Turnberg said on Tuesday. "We were probably the most comfortable up there."

With Turnberg in the soundproof booth, Myers' five answers got 139 points out of the 200 necessary to win. Turnberg then had to give answers different than Myers' - all the questions, as always, based on surveys of 100 people.

After stumbling over a question about the timing of male gift-giving, Turnberg wasn't able to get to the fifth question before the buzzer sounded, putting their victory in doubt.

"To come up with something on the spot like that - it's hard," Turnberg said. "You have time constraints; you don't want to let your family down. That was tough."

"You would think that you know all the answers, but when you're under the gun, it's harder than it seems," she added.

As host Steve Harvey went over her answers one by one, it came down to the final question she was able to answer. To win the cash, at least seven of the people surveyed needed to have agreed a filling is a hated dental procedure.

With $20,000 on the line, Harvey played up the suspense.

"We were all just on pins and needles," Turnberg said. "That pause was forever. I swear they waited a full minute."

Finally, Harvey revealed that her answer got 47 points, more than enough to secure the victory.

They didn't get much time to savor their good fortune. The second episode was filmed immediately after the one that aired Tuesday.

"They may have taped up to 10 shows that day," Turnberg said.

"It was fun, but they really pushed for high energy," she said. "It was exhausting."

She said Harvey helped to put everyone at ease during the tapings.

"He'd talk with the audience, he'd tell jokes. He was completely humorous and entertaining to everybody that was there," she said. "He made it fun."

So how long did their run last?

Survey says ... mum's the word until the shows air.