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‘War Brides’ prepares to take the stage

The cast of ‘War Brides’ has been doing a great job of taking on their roles, according to Director Rachel Lorentz. They are, front row, left to right: Zoie Zitzow, Valerie Pilman, Amelia Potrament, Lourdes Anderson and Annika Werner. Middle: Jackie Hanson, Lauren Anderson, Callista Wengel, Madison Foerderer and Emily Holzer. Back: James Vana. Not shown: Clayton Anderson and Rachel Lorentz. Elizabeth Huwe/FOCUS

The Perham High School One Act Players are at it again.

This year, the group is performing “War Brides,” written in 1915 by Marion Craig Wentworth.

The play takes place in a village, in a country at war. Young people are encouraged to get married shortly before the men go to the front, in hopes that they can off-set population losses.

Amelia wants to serve as a nurse to help her brothers and other soldiers, but several characters try to persuade her to become one of the ‘war brides’ instead.

It is at this point that the play’s drama really takes off.

Behind the scenes, the cast has been learning and growing together.

“It’s been a really fun experience,” said sophomore Lauren Anderson. “It’s been really fun to see the younger girls grow in their acting.”

Anderson has grown in her acting experience, as well.

“I’m so opposite of my character,” she said. “That’s probably been the biggest challenge … to really practice not being myself.”

Callista Wengel said she is more similar to her character, who is simply known as Mother.

“I’m a mother hen,” she said. “And, I have six kids in this play. Three are away at war, one is going, one wants to go and the other one is pregnant. I’m pulled in all different directions trying to be a mother to all of the children.”

Director Rachel Lorentz said practices have been going well, even though the cast is relatively young.

“I really am happy with how the kids are portraying their characters,” she said. “They’re becoming their characters and acting like their characters and getting into the mental frame.”

For anyone interested in watching the show, two public performances are planned.

First, a sub-section competition will be held on Jan. 25 at Battle Lake High School. Perham’s play is scheduled to begin around 9:45 a.m.

A public performance will also be given on Feb. 8 at the ITOW Veterans Museum at 11 a.m. A $2 donation for the museum is suggested as admission.

Depending on their sub-section results, Perham could also advance to the section meet in Pequot Lakes on Saturday, Feb. 1.