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The Saana Ensemble: Finnish group to perform at Cultural Center

The Saana Ensemble is a group of five native Finns from the Twin Cities area, who combine their musical talents to perform Finnish music to audiences across the U.S. Submitted photo

The Saana Ensemble, a five-voice group performing Finnish music, will give a concert at the Cultural Center in New York Mills at 7:30 p.m. on Friday, Dec. 6. 

The much-admired group sings a capella and sometimes with percussion or other instruments.

Tickets are available by calling the center at 218-385-3339.  There is a cost for admission.

Saana Ensemble includes five native Finns who live in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area: Sari Rönnholm (soprano/clarinet, piano); Elina Kala (soprano/mandolin, guitar, piano); Ulla Tervo-Desnick (alto/accordion); Eeva Savolainen (soprano/percussion, piano); Elina Koivusaari (alto/guitar).  After many years of sweating at sauna parties, they finally decided in 2005 to combine their diverse musical talents to perform Finnish music to audiences in the United States, and to stay connected to their Finnish roots.

The ensemble’s repertoire is eclectic and ranges from hymns to folk songs and dance tunes, all sung in Finnish.  The group has performed at many Scandinavian festivals across the region, as well as at Twin Cities churches and as part of Orchestra Hall pre-concert entertainment.