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Jelloslave comes to Cultural Center

The Jelloslave quartet will play at the Cultural Center in New York Mills on Saturday, Feb. 15 at 7:30 p.m.  

Jelloslave, a Minneapolis-based quartet consisting of two cellos, drums and tablas, has an eclectic repertoire that takes audiences on a journey through time and genre, from Bach to Led Zeppelin and from folk music to jazz.

Jelloslave originally formed in 2003 as a duo of cellists Jacqueline Ultan and Michelle Kinney. It has since become an established quartet with the addition of drummer Greg Schutte and Gary Waryan, on tablas.

Known for their dynamic improvisational performances, the foursome pours heart and soul into an eclectic original repertoire ranging from mesmerizing fusions of jazz, Afro-Caribbean, Middle Eastern and Indian rhythms, to surprising pop music interpretations.

Christopher Bahn from The Onion’s A.V. Club blog describes Jelloslave: “Usually you’ll find the cello quietly lurking in the back of your local symphony orchestra; sometimes it’ll be brought out to provide a bit of somber coloration for a rock bands’ “serious” songs. Jelloslave instead puts the cello front and center, using the approaches of both classical and rock (but beholden to neither), whipping up a bold, avant-garde sound that also includes Indian percussion and jazz improvisation.”

Call 385-3339 for tickets, or visit for more information.