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Miss Tootsie is a real doozy

One of the ladies enjoyed "dressing in mens clothes" and eating two full pizzas in one sitting.

Another attributed her girlish figure to "petite genetics," eating bon-bons and drinking six packs of soda pop.

Jello wrestling, collecting insects, and creating hand-tied floor mats were among the hobbies.

It was perhaps the whackiest pageant and coronation in the history of East Otter Tail County: The "Miss Tootsie Pageant" April 9 was a fundraiser for the "real" New York Mills pageant, which is June 10 this year.

"Unreal" was the procession of a dozen contestants-each one as unattractive as the last. They answered standard pageant questions like "what is your favorite color." To which the contestant, Miss Inita Job Tim Dettwiler, responded that he/she had no favorite color-as it would limit the number of pairs of shoes she could buy to match her favorite color.

They paraded in formal wear, presented an opening dance, and also exhibited their woeful talents.

Unimaginable as it is, spectators actually voted with their pocketbooks for the "People's Choice" award. Winning with a collection of $65.26 was "Miss DD Bra" Bert Nelson. DD's interview questions was "if you were a super hero, what would be your favorite super power?" To which DD responded x-ray vision, which would eliminate the need to window peep.

Edged out for People's Choice was Miss Anita Bid Tim Erp, who came up one penny behind DD-at $65.25. But Miss Anita basked in the ultimate crowning moment-earning the title "Miss Tootsie." Her reign will continue to next spring.

As for the losers-there's always next year.