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LETTER TO EDITOR: Levy 'NO' voters--shame on you

To the editor:

Shock, anger, disbelief. Those were some of the emotions I had when I heard that the school levy had, once again, failed.

What will it take for those 1,746 people that voted 'NO' to change their mindset? Do these 'NO' voters even look at the big picture? Do they only care about themselves, with no thoughts of what this failed levy will mean not only for the schools, but for the community? If you looked at the statistical evidence, that was printed in the paper before the levy vote, you could see that Perham is glaringly behind other districts in their dollars per student. Yet our schools are expected to continue to produce well rounded students who can go out in the world to compete against others and be successful. How does this get accomplished? Certainly not with larger class size, decreased resources, and an inability to offer higher levels of curriculum. What does the 'NO' vote say to the students? That they aren't worth it? That their community doesn't care what happens to it's schools or it's students? These kids are the future of this community. How many will we lose to other schools that offer the opportunities that Perham was previously celebrated for? Our kids have worked hard to be 'schools of excellence', not only in sports and extracurriculars, but also in the classroom, which shows in our National testing scores. You didn't say 'NO' to a tax increase, you said 'NO' to our children's futures, you said 'NO' to potential new residents, who will now find a better community, with schools that offer more than we can. You said 'NO' to progress!

So those of you celebrating your 'win', go look a student or teacher in the eye and tell them how great it feels to be a 'winner', because for them the future is going to be nothing but more cuts, and more losses. Yes, you saved yourselves some money-but at what cost?

Lisa Lynne