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LETTER TO EDITOR: Community theater's 'Cinderella' magnificent

To the editor:

Nobody needs to point out that the musicals produced each year in the Perham High School Auditorium are top notch. I have seen almost all of them over the past 12-15 years and it is impossible to single out any as a favorite.

Well, I probably have at least six favorites...subject to change as my memory flips back through one delight after another.

Sunday's matinee-a packed house-showed that the public knows a good presentation...and keeps coming back each year. Rodgers and Hammerstein's "Cinderella" was magnificent and the two lead artists were terrific.

I had already thought to myself: "Where do they keep coming up with such tremendous singers?" Thus, it was no surprise, when exiting, I heard one woman say to another, "It's amazing how talented these performers are!"

It would take too long and too much space to mention all the good aspects of the musical, and I'm positive the actors and actresses know very well that they did a super job. But Paige Meyer as Cinderella and Sam Stoll as the Prince were astounding. Their acting was good, but their voices were the kind that made a person sit up and really tune in. They not only had wonderful solos, but they were even better together.

I don't know if it would be proper to comment on the so-called "little" roles, because the sum of all those parts equal much more than one might expect. Each is important to the success of the musical, although it is easy to overlook how well each character performed as the story moves along. The orchestra is always terrific, of course, as are all the technical nuances that are revealed by set design, special effects and lighting, for example.

Beyond the fact that "Cinderella" was indeed pleasant entertainment, there are other points that seem to me to be very important: each musical production is a huge example of school-community cooperation; the arts are supported superbly by hundreds of viewers who look forward to each season's offering; and it is truly a meaningful laboratory for learning on multiple levels.

Director Kevin Kosiak and his excellent crew delivered another triumph.

I hope the musicals continue forever.

John Dermody