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LETTER TO EDITOR: Helpful football tips for the Vikings

To the editor:

There seems to be a controversy over the fact that the Vikings' coach wanted to remove Favre from the [recently held] Sunday game because the passing game wasn't successful.

The problem wasn't with the passer, but with the receivers who didn't get open enough to throw them a pass. It is the responsibility of all receivers to get open. Of course with the patterns they run, starting at the line of scrimmage and going full speed down field, straight without changing speed or direction, it is impossible. Going down field the distance changes with each step and it is hard for the QB to know how far he should throw the ball.

Passes should be only long enough to get a first down and the receivers should always know where the first down marker is. They should go straight at the defensive man, stop, fake one way and go another latterly on the field and they will be open two or three yards and the defensive man will be back of them and unable to intercept the ball. Throwing the ball 30 yards down the field when only 10 yards are needed is stupid football.

The biggest problem now is that the QB has no blocking coverage as the two ends and the three back field men, two halfbacks and the full back, as they were known in my younger days, go down the field, five receivers and as the QB has only three seconds to throw the ball he is lucky to find only one receiver open. Then you find the other four running around like their heads were cut off contributing nothing to that pass play.

The QB needs more protection; the three in the backfield should have numbers. The QB can give a number when he calls the play and one or two of those players would stay back and give the QB some protection. Then he would not be sacked and he would have maybe six seconds to find an open receiver.

The sideline pass where the receiver has no blocking in front of him most of the time should be eliminated, as should the long pass. The five-yard pass, which is actually useless and does not contribute to the offensive effort, should also be eliminated as contributing nothing. All passes should be for enough yards for a first down and the receiver knowing where the first down marker is would do this.

To those reading this, wouldn't it be a nice game to watch? Having been born in 1916, I am in my 94th year and feel I have a right to express my opinion. Besides, I officiated football for 20-plus years and now watch three games on Saturday and three more on Sunday, so I see a lot of football and feel that I am a student of the game.

Harley Karvonen