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Letter: The game of politics

Politics has long been a game of sorts. To the victor there is a lot of financial opportunity, prestige and control over the outcome of events. Every designated number of years a politician runs for re-election. Like any other salesman he must convince people why he should be elected to another term or in the case of a newcomer, elected to the first term.

This process involves promises of what he will do, claims of what he has done for us, or proof of his opponents weaknesses. Convince enough people, he gets the job. Get enough of the like-minded philosophy and you have a party in power. Get a big enough majority you have an unstoppable majority that can rule as it likes.

This seldom happens, but when it does they can rule as they like regardless of the popular opinion of the electorate. That's happening now. Our nation is in its worst financial crisis since the Great Depression. The outcome of this has yet to be determined. National debt has been run up to pay off the "Big" banks and insurance companies for their financial political backing. It was used to pay off "Big" unions in the form of maintaining their high salaries and benefit package.

We were told a stimulus bill had to be passed immediately to avoid financial doom, yet almost 2 years later they still haven't spent 40 percent of it. The groups that get the biggest share of it are big backers of the party in power. That remaining 40 percent will go to those backers as needed, in return for their support.

What does the little guy get? He's the one that the party in power claims to be for. He gets very little besides extended unemployment benefits. The guy that owns his own farm or small business takes financial chances and works his tail off, he get higher taxes and his kids g into life with a higher national debt.

This fall the candidates of the party in power will promise to all and remind supporters of what they've done for them. Did you get any of the big bailouts? Is your retirement nest egg still enough? Do you still have a job? Have your wages kept up with expenses? Has the value of your home gone below the amount of your mortgage? Why hasn't' a big share of the bailout money still not been used? Why did a completely unpopular health bill have to be discussed behind locked doors?

On Nov. 2 you decide if you're going to keep the same politicians. Whatever you decide, get to the polls before the felons and dead people do.

Bob Thompson

Pelican Rapids