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Letter: Reader endorses Rebecca Otto

I whole-heartedly endorse Rebecca Otto in her re-election bid for Minnesota State Auditor. She is a shining star among those that serve us at the state capitol.

Her no-nonsense approach to overseeing more than 4,000 units of local governments has led to a more efficient reporting system and better communication and interaction between her office and those her agency oversees.

Her efforts have been recognized by the nonpartisan National State Auditors Association, who awarded her the Excellence in Accountability Award.

My first interaction with State Auditor Otto was over three years ago when she took her seat on the board of the Rural Finance Authority at the Minnesota Department of Agriculture.

Her inquisitiveness and thirst for knowledge prompted her to ask questions; her intellect and experience have offered the RFA board a number of solutions and options that have, in turn, led to better service and programs for those farmers that seek the services offered by the RFA.

In these tough economic times, when state funding for local governments have been and continues to be cut so drastically, we need innovative, clear-thinking people to find solutions to problems, cut through bureaucratic red-tape, and eliminate fraud and waste. Rebecca Otto has done that in her first term and will continue to do so if given the opportunity.

Lisa Heggedahl,

RFA Farmer

Board Member,

Hayfield, MN.