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Letter: Build the hockey arena now

After the headline about the council not wanting to allow the rebuilding of the hockey rink so the kids can play this winter, here is the headline that should follow: Local kid picked as flag bearer for the Minnesota Wild.

Logan Robinson, 9, was picked to be a flag bearer for the Minnesota Wild game on March 19, 2011. While Logan is excited about being able to carry the Wild flag into the arena, he is worried about where he will be playing hockey this winter. How is it going to look when my grandson, Logan, goes to the Wild game and lets them know that Wadena didn't think that hockey was important enough to build the arena this year? That they allowed the equipment to be destroyed by the Minnesota winter, that they would rather spend an extra half million to replace that slab. How is that going to play out especially since the Wild have contributed to the rebuilding of that arena?

I have had a lot of contact with the Wild over the years. You can bet I will be talking to them about the situation that politics is playing in getting the kids back on the ice. What part doesn't this council understand? Hockey is in the blood of everyone who has ever touched the ice with a skate, who got that first goal at 3 years old, even if it was sliding on your belly into the goal after the puck. Or how about the parent watching the kids in their first hockey game, looking like little turtles on their backs when they fall? Or what about watching that child go from a turtle to a professional hockey player? No one can replace that joy and excitement for both the player and their fans. Some of our greatest hockey players have come from the land of the north, playing in cities like Wadena.

Are the council members closing that door for someone who could be great, but couldn't afford to travel a long distance to play the game they love? I guess there isn't much to say about how disgusted I am to find out that politics is playing a big role in getting the hockey arena rebuilt for this season. I guess they think it is better to allow the equipment to be destroyed by the Minnesota winter because they can't agree on how things should be done. Who gave them the power over this money?

Believe me, there won't be a person I know that won't be told of the how Wadena let their kids down this winter. Get the arena built, get those kids on the ice this winter, don't let them down. They lost a lot on June 17, the hockey arena, the community center, the outdoor pool, the fair grounds, playgrounds. Some even lost their homes. To quote my grandson, "That tornado took all the fun things out of Wadena!"

Let's put one of those fun things back for the kids this winter and get that arena built. Quit playing politics with the kids, they deserve better than that especially after all they lost this summer. Make them believe that the city council members aren't all Ebenezer Scrooge, make them know that dreams can come true if you work to achieve those dreams. Even Ebenezer Scrooge knew what it was like to dream.

Cheryl Ross

Apple Valley, Minn