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Letter: Conned by Skogen

Four years ago, I bought into Dan Skogen's promises that he would stand up for us in this Senate district, help us get our share of school funding, keep his fellow DFL politicians from taxing us into the poor house, and help with bringing some civility into the law making process.

Now, when I talk to other people who got conned into voting for Skogen, I hang my head in embarrassment. I feel like a guy who took an Ambien sleeping pill and woke up naked out on my front lawn when I let on that I wasted my vote sending a guy to Saint Paul who has spent the last four years voting to raise taxes, to spend our local tax money on the growing welfare programs in the twin cities, and then comes back here to tell us it's all Pawlenty's fault for not letting him raise our taxes and spend everything we earn.

I have met Gretchen Hoffman, the Intensive Care Nurse who is running against Skogen for the Senate, and I think she really means it when she says she will keep her promise to vote for less taxes, less spending, less government sticking their nose in our personal matters and our pockets. Skogen can get a job with the Obama administration, that bunch is full of people like him.

Jerome Mullins,

Fergus Falls