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Letter: Obama Care

On TV, I saw a sign that read: OBAMA LIES, GRANDMA DIES.

"What?" I asked myself. So I listened and this is what I heard. "Grandma" dies, but modern science can keep the blood flowing etc. until someone pulls the plug. The cost: $10,000 a day. When you add up all the $10,000 a day, that sum alone is more than what the U.S. spends on Homeland Security.

Story #1: A young lady is in a car accident; her arm is broken. They take her to one hospital, no insurance, so is taken to another hospital where she waits more than 24 hours to be treated.

#2: A girl had $500,000 worth of treatment, but because of an insurance cap, can't get more insurance help that she needs, she is 4-years-old.

#3: A boy has a minor infection, but parents are poor and have no insurance so they wait, finally it gets bad enough so the boy is taken into emergency and is treated (thousands of dollars spent) and the boy dies. There are thousands of these stories (you may have one or two).

Obama care is about increased coverage (e.g. help small businesses get coverage for their employees), helping business being more competitive (U.S. spends 17.2 percent on health care, other wealthy nations under 10 percent), decreasing health costs (prevention, requiring 85 percent of money actually go for health care), and cracking down on Medicare fraud (saw a fellow on TV said how easy it was to get away with, he was on his way to jail). I am not saying that in the beginning your private insurance will not go up. Mine has gone up every year without Obama Care.

Christopher McCrady, Dent