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Letter: We came back

I appreciated reading Andy and Chelsea's thoughts last week, and I want to echo those sentiments.

There are several reasons to move back to Perham, which is exactly what I, and several of my fellow PHS graduates, have done. We are business professionals, doctors, dentists, lawyers, engineers, nurses, therapists, farmers, educators, pharmacists, architects, beauticians, authors, photographers, designers, electricians, construction professionals, real estate professionals, machinists, technicians...I could fill a whole page here!

We received a quality education at Perham High School and have chosen to bring our talents back to this community, because of the positive experience we had here as children and what the community has to offer us as adults. We own businesses, we own homes, we shop in local grocery stores and retail shops, we patronize local restaurants and recreational establishments, we volunteer with civic organizations, youth organizations and our churches, and we bring children into the local school system.

It frustrates me to think that we made a conscious decision to bring our families into this school system, and now due to cuts in state funding and failed levies our children will not have the opportunities that we had. Without adequate funding, our local school system will continue to deteriorate and I fear what the future holds for our children. Furthermore, will our children's educational experience here be strong enough to make them want to return to this community? As the desire of our graduates to return to our community wanes, so will the strength of our community. Our school drives our community, drives our population base, and drives our economy. Our school IS the strength of our community.

We have an opportunity to fix locally where the state is failing us. Support your community. Support your schools. Please vote yes on November 2.

Kate (Guck) Tusow

PHS Class of 1995