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Letter: More tax cuts and less regulation not the answer

You get a paycheck and part of it is an IOU with more IOU's to come. How would that affect you? That is what the Pawlenty Cuts have done for MN public schools (e.g. LPGE schools got a $1.2 M IOU for 2009-2010 with another $800,000 coming for the year 2010-2011 for a total of $2M).

Next year Minnesota will have to make up at least a $5B shortfall. Tom Emmer wants more cuts.

I get the impression that some on the far right and TP would like to eliminate public schools period. Some on the Right would eliminate General Assistance Medical Care for those in Minnesota that make less than $8,000 a year.

Gov. Pawlenty first turned down a $1.4B Federal Grant to help more Minnesota people get medical help and then Pawlenty accepted the grant and left the state for at least eight days. The GOP said health care needs to hear from them, but when Minnesota was offered a $1M grant to discuss better medical care, Pawlenty turned it down.

The Legislature passed a construction bill and gas tax and Obama stimulus money helped Minnesoota decrease its unemployment rate.

When the Civil Rights Bill of 1964 was signed, LBJ said that we have lost The South to the GOP for a generation. When a Majority Democrat legislature under Clinton in 1993 passed the foundation that resulted in the U.S. government taking in more money than spending the last 2 years of the Clinton presidency, a few of those Democrats were voted out of office in 1994. Now Obama and the Democrats have curbed unemployment (4 million jobs were lost the last 6 months of G.W. Bush presidency), saved the nation from Great Repression, saved the U.S. car industry and made it more competitive, passed some paybacks, legislation for less dependency on foreign oil, held BP responsible, and passed health care that will cover more people and should reduce future health costs, a tax cut for small business: more Democrats will probably be voted out of office. I heard recently that an U.S. Corp had an $11B profit and paid no U.S. tax on their income. Another U.S. company that did all its business in the U.S. but sent money back and forth overseas so they had to pay no tax on their income. And these are not isolated stories. Yet The GOP and The TP say the solution is to give these people more tax cuts and less regulation.

Christopher McCrady