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Letter: Energy costs are an important election issue

I was privileged to participate in a recent tour of the Basin Electric Power facilities northwest of Bismarck, N.D., sponsored by Crow Wing Power, Brainerd. The trip was extremely pleasant and well organized. Crow Wing Power deserves a very hearty "Thank You."

While on site, it became crystal clear that we have electric power being generated by the most technologically advanced and environmentally clean methods available. This company is home to one of two synthetic natural gas production plants in the entire world. Most remarkable was the coal mining and land restoration plant, using mammoth machinery while restoring the mined land to its original make-up and contour. This process is truly environmentally friendly and the people we met at the plant were dedicated professionals and extremely proud of their company. In Minnesota, 64 percent of our electricity is generated from coal. Our state Democrats, the DFL, have a history of forcing mandates and regulation upon our electric power cooperatives. At the Federal level, the Obama administration and the E.P.A. are proposing radical new mandates and regulation. The average retail electricity cost for Minnesota is 8.52 cents per kwh, compared to 17.46 cents in New York and 14.03 cents in California. If you like the idea of paying much more for your electricity, vote for Democrats. If you like the idea of reducing the availability of your electric power, vote for Democrats. If not, vote for candidates who are opposed to the radical agenda of the Obama administration and the radical regulation of Minnesota's DFL.

Tom Lund

Longville, Minn.