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Letter: Strong schools key to community success

Strong schools are a key to a successful community hospital. As we at PMHH recruit new doctors, nurses, and other professionals, the first thing they ask about is our schools. Over the years, often the deciding factor between our community and others has often been our progressive school system.

Most recently, that has been a harder sell. Last year, we had a family practice medicine who had decided on our hospital and was ready to move her family to Perham. After weighing all her options, it was the great school that was the tipping point toward Perham. Then, in November, the levy failed. She said Perham must not be as progressive as she initially thought and changed her mind. Another healthcare professional was considering moving from the Twin Cities to Perham. The main reason for moving her family was to get her kids out of the large classrooms. After visiting our community, she realized our classrooms have grown to the same size as the schools her kids were already in and decided not to move them.

I, personally, stay very connected with what the school is doing. I have been thoroughly impressed with all the streamlining it has done, especially in the last five years. But, the cuts are now reaching the point where they are affecting our kids, and are at risk of making us a mediocre school. With the new hospital opening at the end of next year, we need to hire more doctors and other professional staff now. We need strong schools to convince them that Perham is a great community. We need this levy to pass to show them how committed our community is to education.

I urge you to please vote Yes on the school levy referendum. It's not just about our kids, it's about the vitality and future of our entire community.

Chuck Hofius

Chief Executive Officer

Perham Memorial Hospital and Home