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Letter: A custodian view

A few years ago, the Minneapolis Star Tribune ran an article in their paper - "If you really want to know what's going on in a school ask a secretary or a custodian."

I have been a custodian for the past nine years for the Perham-Dent school district. First of all, I want the community to know what an excellent school system they have.

In the past few years, the school district has done many things to cut costs, but now, in my opinion, there is no room to cut any more. Here is a list of things the school and the employees have done to cut costs.

1. The Dent school was closed.

2. The support staff (custodian and secretary) has been cut by 40 percent.

3. Art classes have been cut.

4. Some language classes have been cut.

5. Support staff took a pay freeze.

6. Teachers took a pay freeze.

7. The superintendent took a pay cut.

8. A number of teachers have been cut, which means a lot more students per class.

9. Activity fees have been raised.

Now I hope the Perham-Dent community will vote yes on the upcoming levy and help their children and grandkids. And the people who don't have children in school now, think of the people who helped put your children through school.

Ken Paulson