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Letter: Do residents really know what they are voting for?

Do the Perham school district residents really know what they are voting for? If you are a home owner or business owner - a yes vote on the upcoming Perham school referendum means you will pay more taxes - a lot more taxes.

As a homeowner and a business owner, I personally will pay over $10,000 more taxes for the Perham school district - this is in addition to the taxes I all ready pay to the Perham School district.

Very little of this money goes towards providing a better education for the students, even though it is represented that it will. It has been proven over and over that more money does not result in a better education. It is time that all of us - including the Perham school district - to live within our/ their means.

The Perham school board wants its citizens to come up with additional money out of their pockets. Why doesn't the Perham School district publish information about what each of the administrators is paid - including fringe benefits like retirement, insurance, paid annual leave and other perks each receives. Information like what it costs to educate each student as compared to other school districts in the state, so voters can make informed decisions when they vote.

The State of Minnesota has recently given an additional $293,000 (out of our tax payers money) to the Perham school district as published in the Fargo Forum.

This on top of what the school already receives out of our hard earned money.

It is time to say enough! We are all hurting because of the current economic situation - now is not the time to tax us more! Vote no on the Perham school referendum!

John Rademacher