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Letter: A strong education will help children succeed

It was mentioned in a previous letter to the editor that college classes are unnecessary and students should "pay for their own way." It does have merit but I believe differently.

I graduated from a rural, small, school in Minnesota in the 1970s. I graduated without classes in biology, anatomy and physiology, or English Composition. Some of the classes just weren't offerred, some were cancelled because not enough students enrolled. It made it difficult for me to enter nursing school.

I determined, on my own, which classes were necessary to complete the nursing curriculum. I enrolled in the Fergus Falls Community College and paid for my own classes. I took anatomy and physiology twice, once to understand the subject, the second time for credit. I was able to complete the St. Lukes School of Nursing program.

The experience taught me a lesson. I did learn perseverance. And it taught me the value of an adequate and proper high school education. I could have managed my nursing classes better if I had had a better high school education. These classes would have helped me succeed and be confident in myself.

This is why I want to support Perham High School and the school levy. My "education" in paying my own way made me want a good education for my own children. I would rather work together to help students succeed. Perhaps students will succeed without college classes. It's a rather sink or swin mentality. If all students are subjected to these circumstances are all of them going to swim? It is a very grim idea, throw the students into a tough situation and hope to goodness that none of them sink.

Please consider voting yes on the school referendum.

Annette Riestenberg