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Letter: Perham/Dent School Operating Levy: Schools Should Be Asset

There has been much discussion in this column over the past weeks regarding the school levy. Some discussions were short, some were rambling, some accurate, and some uninformed. This letter will be short and to the point. Having attended school in two other districts before graduating from PHS, I have seen the good and the bad. In two other districts I spent time in over-crowded classrooms and in schools with few or no electives classes. Part of my decision to raise my family here was based on my great experiences at PHS. However, with every program cut and failed levy attempt I'm becoming more and more concerned I've made the wrong choice for my kids. At this rate, what kind of shape will our schools be in by the time my eight year old son is a senior? If this community is to continue to thrive and grow we need our schools to be an asset not a liability. Please get the facts before you vote on November 2nd. Please vote yes for our kids.

Dan O'Boyle