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Letter: We Should All Be More Like the Youth in Our Community

I'm a firm believer that everyone has the right to voice their own opinions and concerns but I must respond to Ms. Harris's letter. Her letter angered me. The part that angered me the most was, "I know if I was a student today and found out that anyone would go hungry, not have the proper medicine or actually lose their home because they had to pay more taxes so I could have all the advantages that the proponents of the levy deemed necessary, I would be ashamed!" Ashamed of what, Ms. Harris? Our youth did not cause our economic situation. Why should they pay for the "sins of our fathers?" They did not cause people to be greedy and live beyond their means nor did they cause lending companies to lend money to people who could not afford it. They did not cause insurance companies to become corrupt causing our health care system to fail so many people.

Many people are egocentric (thinking of one self instead of the whole). Too bad more are not altruistic (unselfish regard to the welfare of others). I've seen many of our youth being altruistic. They have shown this in countless ways: Pay it Forward, volunteering in sandbagging efforts, raising money for tornado victims, youth church groups who have gone to impoverished areas to build homes, hospitals, and churches, and many other ways. Isn't it time we as a community became more like them? It seems to me Ms. Harris is really not concerned at all about how this levy will affects others; it seems she is only concerned about how it will affect her business. She has, as she has informed us in her letter, become successful on her very own without any help from others (what schools did she attend that she got no help from any education?).

No one likes to pay more in taxes but don't we owe it to our future caretakers? Unlike Ms. Harris I want our students to have up to date textbooks, smaller class sizes, schools that are kept up, classes that engage their minds and make them ready for the ever changing world. Ms. Harris whether you like it or not computers are not going away. Your "old school" way of thinking is in the past. I for one want to help our youth be the best that they can be and if that means I have to tighten my belt I'm willing to do it and I hope those who believe in altruism step forward and vote yes on the levy for our community.

Sue Fresonke