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Letter: A difference in levy info

This letter is in regards to the two mailings I received last Saturday. One was from the school with their levy info and the other was from a group wanting us to vote no. I noticed, when I did the math, that the numbers did not match. According to the school the levy would increase the taxes on a $100,000 dwelling a total of $146 per year if all measures passed. The info from the other group (which started their chart at $100,000 leading some to believe that is the minimum which is not true) had their increase being $151. I know that's only a difference of $5 per year, but why any difference? Turns out the Concerned Citizens for Property Tax Fairness are misleading us. The total of levy on said property would be $151 for a single year, as there is a $5 levy in place that expires in 2010. The total increase would be the $146 as per the school's chart. Of course the amount of difference increases as property value increases. My info is from the County Assessor.

This $5 example may seem trivial, but when people are voting no because they feel they can't afford what is equivalent to one burger per week, it all matters.

Trish Burns