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Letter: Think about the benefit to the community

I feel compelled to write this letter in regard to Mr. Rademacher and ads placed by Concerned Citizens for Property Tax Fairness.

Mr. Rademacher states that it has "been proven that more money does not result in better education." A) I would like to see his proof of that. B) We moved from a district that was lacking funding...class sizes were larger, curriculum was weak, and teacher morale was down. We moved from that district specifically because of the poor school system and for all the benefits the Perham school district offered. Over the past 3 years we have seen many of the things that attracted us to Perham schools be changed or cut entirely.

Secondly, let's get into the property tax issue. I found out that Mr. Rademacher's home is valued higher than ours yet we pay significantly more taxes living in the Henning school district. Upon further research, I was stunned to find out that even if all 3 levy questions pass that Mr. Rademacher will continue to pay less taxes than our family...actually about $1,000 less! So, considering his argument for property tax fairness, the only option is to vote yes!

Let's get away from this election being entirely about taxes and think about the benefit to education and our community. In 10 to 15 years these kids will be the community, shopping and working here. How will you feel in 10 to 15 years if these kids show you the same apathy that you show them today?

Cheri DeBoer