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Letter: East Otter Tail Focus not Playboy

I am replying to Sam Benshoof, editor at, about the offensive and explicit reporting that appeared on the top front page of last week's paper. Your article was about the crime Larry Selander, 59, of N.Y.M. committed against a 13-15 year old girl.

I found your step by step description of "according to the criminal complaint" to be pornographic.

The Focus is a family oriented paper, not Playboy.

Why did you think we, the readers, would be interested in your graphic reporting of all the details that went into this from start to finish? I, and many others, I am sure, oppose this inappropriate coverage of news. Surely you could fill the page with other interesting subjects.

Pornography is not only found on the internet and some movies. It is also found in books, magazines, and newspapers. We are being bombarded by it in this country.

Please keep it out of our weekly Perham paper.

Polly Solberg