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Letter: Perham is a great place to live and learn

Our children are open-enrolled. We came to Perham because of Mary Thomas and St. Henry's. Mary quickly made us feel at home in Perham. It has been an easy transition from the parochial school system to the public school system.

We have always liked the entire atmosphere in Perham. From its sense of community, the active and warm local business people, the thriving downtown and especially the school system. Even though we live 24 miles away from Perham, you have made Perham our community. It is overwhelming to see the support of the community and area businesses, towards the needs of the students. Your advertising for school events, supporting fundraisers and donations from business leaders and organizations is a wow. Perham has truly created champions in education and extras as a result of your support. We appreciate that support and in turn support Perham area businesses. We were first attracted to Perham because of the school. But now we know it's the connection between school and community that make Perham schools stand out.

Perham is an attractive place to send your kids with many opportunities in arts and athletics combined with a long record of high quality education. Perham is unique because it offers college level courses within the high school. Doing so keeps the students connected within the community. Other schools have students leave as juniors and seniors to attend area colleges. We appreciate the opportunity our kids have to receive this education in Perham.

You may not be aware of this, but open-enrolled students are not included in the cost of the levy, but do bring with them their entire state foundation aid. This is about $5,200 per year, per student. Currently, over 150 students are open enrolled in Perham. Your record of high quality education combined with a supportive community is important in attracting open-enrolled students. Open enrolled students are beneficial to both the school and the community.

Perham has done an excellent job in preparing our kids as they graduate and pursue their careers. We thank you for that. You have something special in the Perham school system. I would fight to hang on to it.

Your support is one thing but your vote is what counts. Please vote yes for a great place to live and learn.

Betty and Tom Murphy