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Letter: A highlight of three interesting books

I would like to bring the attention of the public to three books that I have obtained from Barnes and Noble.

The first is entitled "To Save America" by Newt Gingrich, in which he uses half of the book to state his way of following the title. The second half is made up of articles by many experts to back Newt's ideas. The second book is entitled "The Manchurian President" by Aaron Klien. No person can tell from the title as to what the book is about. Reading the Table of Contents gives the subject and that is the political life of President Obama for many years.

His association with the corrupt Chicago political mob is fully outlined as is his friendship with the preacher in his church and his refusal to admit hearing the un-American sermons he preached. The preacher became such a liability that he had to push him under the bus during Obama's political campaign. His close friendship with Berneda Dorn, Wm Ayers, the terrorists that bombed public buildings many years ago is fully outlined. The two now are professors in colleges in the Chicago area.

The third book, "Crimes Against Liberty" by David Limbaugh backs up what the first book printed. Limbaugh's book is documented. All of the book gives sufficient information that if the conservatives get control of Congress in the November elections that the first bill introduced in Congress will be the impeachment of Obama as president. Obama's clear opposition to the enforcement of Mexican border laws is itself sufficient cause for impeachment. In fact President Bush should have been impeached for the same reason. As I am getting old, coming on to 94, I hope I live long enough to see all this happen.

Harley Karvonen