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Letter: Vote for Gretchen Hoffman for Minnesota State Senate

Over the past two years, I have gotten to know a wonderful, energetic person who has strong principles and a spine of steel! She is determined to bring jobs to our area and also to address the ever growing problem of affordable and accessible health care. This person is Gretchen Hoffman, candidate for our Minnesota State Senate seat in District 10.

Job growth and health care are two of the most important issues of our time and because Gretchen is a business owner as well as a registered nurse, I believe she understands these issues better than any one else on the ballot. She knows what is takes to create a climate that is conducive to growing a business and hiring new employees because she has had to do it! She understands the changes that are needed in the health care system because she has spent many years working as a nurse in hospitals and nursing homes and has seen the problems first hand! Gretchen knows that it is free market solutions, and not heavy handed government, that will keep our health care quality high and at the same time bring costs down.

As well as being fiscally conservative, she embraces traditional values and is passionate about keeping our families strong and protecting life from conception until natural death. She is a strong defender of the Second Amendment and realizes that our country needs to get back to the fundamental principles on which it was founded, as laid out in the U.S. Constitution.

Education in Minnesota needs addressing and I learned from Gretchen that the schools in the Twin Cities are given two times as much money per student as schools in out-state Minnesota - about $14,000 per student verses $7,000 per student, and in some districts even less. How unfair is that! It's no wonder that schools in rural Minnesota are always struggling to make ends meet! When she goes to St. Paul, Gretchen will focus on this issue in order to bring the per student distribution back into balance, the way it should have been all along!

Gretchen has lived the American dream. She has been married for 27 years, raised three great sons, owns her own home on a quiet lake, runs a family owned business, has had a fulfilling career as a nurse, and has had the freedom and opportunity to use her gifts and talents to the fullest. She wants that same opportunity to be there for future generations. Now is the time to elect someone who will see to it that we use this point in history to turn our country around--turn it around so that we again have limited government, greater freedom and greater personal responsibility.

I love it when Gretchen says, "The best social program is a job!" This is so true and Gretchen Hoffman is the one to make sure those jobs come right here to Minnesota! We couldn't ask for a better candidate than Gretchen Hoffman, I am sure of that! So, please, vote for Gretchen Hoffman! You'll be glad you did!

Diane Stommes

Fergus Falls