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Letter: Perham a unique place

Perham is unique! I drive over most of west central Minnesota in the course of my business and never see the dynamic civic environment exhibited here. Perham has an energetic workforce, thriving industries, a broad range of services, health care facilities, schools, churches, libraries and museums. The In Their Own Words (ITOW) museum is unique in the nation as a repository for the memories of those "Who Stand on the Wall" to protect all the things unique about Perham and our nation. We may debate many things on these pages, a right guaranteed by their service, but I hope never the contribution and sacrifices they made. ITOW was created to help preserve the memories and mementos of those who served and now it could use our help. Help in the form of volunteering to work on boards, committees and at fund raising events. Help with your financial support and help with your getting the word out. When a visitor stops in your shop, when you meet someone new to the area while fishing and hunting, when you vacation, or visit outside the area, let them know about Perham and the moving memorial we have here to the nations veterans. I ask you to help maintain a commitment to never forget those who made our freedoms possible through your continuing support of our Veterans museum.

Marshall Brown