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Letter: Despite levy loss, Perham a special community

Last Wednesday I awoke to news that the Perham Levy had failed for the third time. In that moment of discovery I had the choice to either be discouraged or to learn from the situation. To be completely honest with all of you, I didn't have the natural ambition to go to school that morning. It was not because I had no desire to learn, or to not be able to enjoy the company of my friends. I feared the reaction of administration, teachers, and my fellow classmates. I did not fear that they would be disrespectful, upset, or rude with one another. I feared that the special people we have at Perham Schools, from administration all the way to the students, would not feel appreciated for all of their hard work. The thought of that broke my heart and I was fearful to witness it.

I knew I had to stay strong and encourage others even if what I feared came true. What I witnessed when I got to school was one of the most incredible things I have ever seen in my "career" as a student at Perham High. The way everyone handled the news of the school levy failure was inspiring, subsiding my fear. After my first hour class, the entire school attended an assembly to discuss the levy failure. During this assembly I witnessed a passionate superintendent, school board member, activities director, and several teachers as they encouraged us as students to continue to work hard, be hopeful, and most importantly stay positive individuals.

My point in writing this letter is not to point fingers, offend anyone, or to even say we should have done things a different way. I am not blaming a person who voted no for the school levy. I am not here to degrade a teacher. I am not going to tell the school board they should have done this or that. I am not writing to blame the state of Minnesota, or even ourselves. I am simply stating that we have very special people who are teaching and learning at Perham High School.

I have started the process of searching for a college. I can tell you this; it's going to take a special college, special community, and some very special people to have the same impact on me, as what I have had at Perham Schools. I have first hand experienced what a quality education should be and look like because of our skilled staff. As I go off to college next fall, I am confident in this. It is the people at Perham Schools who have pushed me to be my best. Please celebrate the people who teach, and the students who learn at Perham Schools. They are dynamic individuals who we should be ecstatic to celebrate about. Please celebrate them.

Paige Meyer

Perham High Senior