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Letter: Parents responsible for providing quality education

Hilliary Clinton is wrong; it doesn't take a village to raise a child, it takes good parents. Parents are responsible for providing a quality education for their children. Levy proponents use flawed and misleading arguments, with no evidence, to support their view that public schools provide a quality education. For 3 years the community has said: NO! NO! NO!; but the Board has turned a deaf ear. Despite repeated referendum defeats, they insist on forcing this unpopular levy on us!

Many HS graduates cannot tell you whether our form of government is a republic or a democracy, nor the difference between capitalism and socialism. Today's young not only fail to understand the dangers of socialism, but actually embrace much of its philosophy. The fact that over 2/3's of young voters voted for a president who wants to transform the USA, believes the constitution is flawed and wealth redistribution is good; is ample proof that government ran schools produce students having a liberal worldview! It's no secret that the Left controls government education in this country. Why Libertarians or Conservatives choose to fund a training center for the Democrat party is beyond me.

Although private, charter, and home schools are vey successful, the N.E.A. continues to oppose school vouchers in order to maintain their stronghold on public funds; with no regard for the children. Aren't monopolies illegal? Who promoted this levy? Follow the money; teachers, administrators, businesses and corporations. If you oppose the levy you better do so undercover, because the powers that be will not take it lightly. If it fails locally, Minnesota's largest Union will heavy-hand the state for more funds. Hmmm! I wonder where kids learn to bully.

The most fundamental question is; where do governments derive their power to control education? Free education for all children cannot be found in the US constitution; however it is in the communist manifesto. You will embrace socialized education, socialized medicine, socialized retirement, and you will pay for them! I thought Liberals/Moderates were pro-choice, but I see choice only applies to killing babies. Not all attend public schools, but all suffer the consequences of a dumbed-down society. We're not forced (yet) to send our kids to NEA ran schools, but we are forced to pay for it. If 51% of the population deem a project worthy of public funding, should the community as a whole be required to pay for such projects? That's mob rule, not liberty and freedom. I tend to agree with Thomas Jefferson: "To compel a man to furnish contributions of money for the propagation of opinions which he disbelieves is sinful and tyrannical."

Some good news for those in favor of the levy. If each of the 2300 people who voted for this levy contributed just $1.70 a day, they would have their $7 million. Surely one less cocktail at the Country Club or giving up a latte every couple days would be worth it. Remember; "It's for the Children". Check out this page:

Merle Hexum