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Letter: Response to 'Embarrassed by levy defeat'

I read with interest the Letters to the Editor in last week's paper. I also checked on the election results for the first question of the levy. There were 2,300 votes yes for the levy. Now using the average that the proponents of the levy used, if those 2,300 voters were each to donate $150.00 a year to the school, there would be $345,000.00 additional dollars each year for District 549. While it may not be as much as what the levy would have raised, it's still something. There is absolutely nothing that says the voters voting yes cannot donate to the school. Let's face it, $345,000 a year is nothing to sneeze at. That would buy textbooks or computers or go into a fund to fix the roof.

To Mr. Bickell, I would like to say, I don't have a jet ski or a four-wheeler. Our boat is over 20 years old and was purchased used. We don't even have a vehicle less than 10 years old. Not everyone lives above their means. Some of us actually stay within our budget. Wouldn't it be nice if more did that? Not everyone who voted no did it for selfish reasons. Life is what you make it. If you think your life is hard, it will be. If you try to look at each day as a gift and wonder what you will discover that day, your life may surprise you. Have a nice day.

Cheryl Harris