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Letter: High costs for tests done at Perham Clinic and Hospital

I had some lab work done at the Perham Sanford Clinic in September 2010. I have also had a lot of lab work done at MeritCare/Sanford in Fargo this past year. I was surprised at the high cost of the lab tests here in Perham. I had two tests done in Perham in September - a lipid profile and a liver function test. Here is a comparison of the cost of those two tests: Lipid profile - in Fargo: $ 56, in Perham, $151.25; Liver function test - in Fargo: $49 or $56, in Perham $128.90. First of all, I would like to make people aware of the cost difference in tests such as these, and second, I would like to have you justify this cost difference to your patients. Thank you.

Judy Frasz